One hour and twenty minutes from Tokyo,
when you pass through the tunnel of Atami from the Atami
it is a different world

Movie · Drones · 4K Landscape video

There is a natural coast · Izu has a wealthy hot spring, there are fresh seafood dishes, there is also a mandarin oranges, we will guide you relaxing town, Usami

Healthy chloride hot spring

Hot Springs Bed and Breakfast
"Chloride spring" has health benefits

Usami's hot spring is near the sea. The warmth continues and tiredness recovers.Skin will also become beautiful.

Fruit hunting street

Sightseeing fruit park that you can enjoy with family.
When hunting fruits "GET Vitamin C"

The Izu Peninsula is mild.Fruits made with good climate are delicious.

Local cuisine · Fisherman's town · Luxury ground fish

Enjoy seafood at local shops
Luxury "dried fish/Red-fish/whitebait"

Dried fish with DHA and vitamin D,Ultra fresh whitebait fish,Boiled sweet and delicious fish�E�E/p>

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